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MTO1 with mastic and extra sealing collars

MTO1 joint is to be placed on pre-insulated pipeline prior to welding of the steel pipes. Both ends of the joint and the heatshrinkable collars are to be shrunk with delicate flame of gas burner. The MTO1 joint is a double sealing solution to be used in all soil conditions, with exception of soil polluted with oil products.

Set of MTO1 joint contains:

  • heat shrinkable sleeve with pre-applied mastic
  • cross-linked heat-shrinkable collars with hot-melt visco-elastic sealing – 2 pieces
  • ventilation plugs – 2 pieces
  • weldable plugs – 2 pieces

MTO1 joints are wrapped in white LDPE foil and should be stored and transported in upright position to avoid ovalization. Maximal temperature during storage and transport shall not exceed 35°C.

Additional accessories: during assembly of the joints components of polyurethane foam (PUR) are to be used. When ordering please provide information if the joints are to be delivered together with PUR foam.